Active Users IP Display

This modification is no longer supported. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of Web Wiz Forum

This is a very simple mod that enables forum administrators and moderators to see members IP Addresses via the Active Users Page.

Normal members and guests will not be able to see anybodys IP address, and the information is only accessible to the Forum Administrator and the Forum Moderators.

This Mod also allows administrators and moderators to IP Ban any visitors to the site without having to wait for them to post a message, you can also access the menu that enables you to remove an IP ban.

To install this mod simply replace the file "active_users.asp" in the root forum directory, with the one thats in this Zip file.

Web Wiz Forums Compatibility:
The Version 2.00 of this mod will only work with V9.02 to V9.04.
The Version 1.01 is only for Web Wiz Forum V8.05 and no longer supported.


 Discontinued (4.6KB) Version 2.00 (03 Aug 07)
 Discontinued (4.30kb) Version 1.01 (22 Dec 06)

Version History:
Version 1.01 to Version 2.00 (03 Aug 2007)
  1. Upgraded for Version 9 of Web Wiz Forum.
Version 1 to Version 1.01 (22 Dec 2006)
  1. Updated for compatibility with V8.05 (active_users.asp)