Forum Time Offset

This modification is no longer supported. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of Web Wiz Forum

This is a very simple mod to fix the forum time if anyone hosts there site on a server thats in a different country. and puts the forum time to local time.

To install this mod simple replace the file "functions_date_time_format.asp" in the directory "forum/functions/" with the one thats in this Zip file. Edit the section where it says and upload it to your website, Simple.

If your forum is behind 5hours, simply change the file to look like this:

	strForumOffset    = "+"
	intForumOffset    = 5

If your forum is ahead by 3hours change it to look like this:

	strForumOffset    = "-"
	intForumOffset    = 3

Make sure you keep the quotes in the first one, and that you dont add any to the second.