Latest Topics

Latest Topics
Current Version
Works With
WWF: 10.03
First Released
23rd August 2008
Last Updated
13rd November 2011


This modification will list the 10 latest topics to be posted in on the homepage of your forum. This mod is limited to only include public forums that guests have access to.


Incease Display Limit
In the 'includes/s2h_latest-topics.asp' file you can change the display limit by changing the 'intS2HLTLimit' value. The default value is 10.

Change Forum Links
If you use the Latest Topics modification outside of the forum folder you can easily change the links to the forum pages by adding the following just above the 'includes/s2h_latest-topics.asp' include like so:

<% strS2HLTForumPath = "/forum/" %>


An installation guide can be found on the following page.


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Version History

Changes to version 1.4.0 (13 Nov 2011)

  1. Upgraded for compatibility with Web Wiz Forum V10.03 (default.asp)
  2. Upgraded for compatibility with Web Wiz Forum V10.03 (includes/s2h_latest-topics.asp)
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Link Removal

Link Removal
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