Multi Media Functions

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Current Version
Works With
WWF: 10.17
First Released
23rd April 2007
Last Updated
9th December 2013
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This web wiz modification allows you to embed multi media files like MP3s and videos into a post just like flash movies.

Currently this mod adds 2 new BBCodes to the forum, the first is [music] which should be used to embed music files like MP3s and WMA. The second is [movie] which should be used for movie files like MPEGs.

Use of the functions is easy, and similar to the [flash] function, an example is below.


The Autostart attribute will you to choose whether the file will play when the page is loaded or not. Values are True for on, and False for off.


An installation guide can be found on the following page.


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Version History

Changes to version 3.0 (09 Dec 2013)

  1. Upgraded to Web Wiz Forum V10.17 (BBcodes.asp)
  2. Added support for Soundcloud (BBcodes.asp)
  3. Upgraded to Web Wiz Forum V10.17 (forum_posts.asp)
  4. Added support for Soundcloud (forum_posts.asp)
  5. Upgraded to Web Wiz Forum V10.17 (functions/functions_format_post.asp)
  6. Added support for Soundcloud (functions/functions_format_post.asp)
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