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WWF: 9.70 - 9.72
First Released
15th March 2009
Last Updated
30th March 2011

With Web Wiz Forums it is difficult to keep track of which members have been given special permissions for forums, potentially allowing a member to retain moderator rights even after an Administrator thought they removed them with the group permissions.

This modification will allow administrators of Web Wiz Forums to view which members have individual permissions applied to their account for a particular forum. You can choose between viewing all individual permissions, permissions which gives a user Moderator rights and permissions which do not give Moderator rights.

An installation guide can be found on the following page.


All Permissions
Shows all of the individual permissions applied to members for each forum whether they have moderator permissions or not.

Member Only
Hides permissions which gives an individual member moderator rights to a forum.

Moderator Only
Will only show individual permissions which will give the member moderator rights over a forum.



Version History

Changes to version 1.0.1 (30 Mar 2011)

  1. Changed for compatibility with Web Wiz Forum V9.71 (includes/admin_index_inc.asp)
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