Cool Blue

Cool Blue
Current Version
Works With
WWF: 10.x
First Released
1st May 2008
Last Updated
26th May 2012

This is a light blue skin for Web Wiz Forum. This skin makes use of the existing Web Wiz Forum images and is just the CSS file.


To install this skin simply upload the "cool-blue" folder found in the zip file into the "css_styles" of the forum.

Multiskin Selection:

If you are using the Multiskin Selection modification then you can simply add it to your skin list by copying the following details over:

    ' Cool Blue
	saryS2HSiteSkins(x,1) = "Cool Blue"
	saryS2HSiteSkins(x,2) = "forum_images/"
	saryS2HSiteSkins(x,3) = "css_styles/cool-blue/"
	saryS2HSiteSkins(x,4) = " > "
	saryS2HSiteSkins(x,5) = "<a href=""""></a>"
	saryS2HSiteSkins(x,6) = ""
	saryS2HSiteSkins(x,7) = True

You will need to change the 'X' above to the relevant skin number, for more information you can find out how to add new skins.



Version History:

Changes to version 2.0.1 (26 May 2012)

  1. Upgraded for compatibility with Web Wiz Forum V10
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