Add more Avatars

If you want to add more avatars to the forum for your members to use, then this guide explains how.

First off, Web Wiz Forum stores the list of avatars in a file called 'select_avatars.asp', this file is located in the folder named 'includes'.

An example of this file is shown below:


	<!-- path to avatar -->         <!-- avatar name -->
  <option value="avatars/abstract.jpg">Abstract</option>
  <option value="avatars/alien_helmet.jpg">Alien Helmet</option>
  <option value="avatars/anglewings.jpg">Anglewings</option>
  <option value="avatars/axe.jpg">Axe</option>
  <option value="avatars/basket.jpg">Basket</option>

To add a new avatar to this list is easy, all we're doing is adding a html option to a drop down box.


<option value="avatars/new_avatar.jpg">New Avatar</option>

If you copy and paste the example in the gray box above this into your 'select_avatar.asp' file, all you need to do is edit the coloured parts.

The part is red (avatars/new_avatar.jpg) is the location to your new avatar. Remember to upload the image file as you cannot link to files on your own computer, you may see the image fine - but non of your visitors will be able to view the image.

The green part (New Avatar) is the name you what the new avatar to be called in the drop down box, this can be anything you like but try to keep it descriptive of the image you've uploaded so your members will know what it is.

Once you have added your to 'select_avatar.asp', upload the image and the select_avatar.asp page to your server via FTP and you should see it when you edit your profile.

Written By: S2H, 10th December 2006

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