Change the size of Avatars

If you feel that the default size for avatars is to small and wish to increase the size, then this quick tutorial will help you.

First of all you need to open up the CSS file in your text editor (preferably Note Pad). If you have not changed the skin of the forum then the default location will be "css_styles" and the file name is "default_style.css".

Once you have the file open, scroll down a little bit and you will come across the following bit of code:

.avatar, #avatar{
	width: 64px;
	height: 64px;
	border: 1px solid #000000;
	margin: 2px;

Just change the parts in red with the desired size in pixels. Its best to keep the numbers the same so that the avatars will remain square.

If you would like to remove the size restrictions completely just delete the Width and Height lines.

Next you will need to edit the message that informs users the size limits of avatars on your forum. To do this, go to the folder named "language_files" and open the file "language_file_inc.asp" with a text editor.

Once you have the language file open look file the line that starts with "Const strTxtSelectAvatarDetails" scroll to the end of this line and change the size to what you entered in the CSS file.

Once you have edited the two files, upload them to the respective locations and you will now see that the avatar size has changed.

Written By: S2H, 18th April 2007

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