Custom Pages in Active Users

If you have custom pages that run of the forum, maybe Member-Only Pages you might want your visitors to show up in your Active Users list.

Acomplishing this task is very easy as Web Wiz Forum introduced a function into Version 8 that does just that. An example of the Active Users function is shown below.

<!--#include virtual="/forum/common.asp" -->

'If active users is enabled update the active users application array
If blnActiveUsers Then
	'Call active users function
	saryActiveUsers = activeUsers("Plan Text", "Linked Text", "page_name.asp", 0)
End If


The first value, highlighted in red, is used for non-linking text in active users, eg a restricted page on your site.

The second value, highlighted in green, is used for linking text in active users, you can use this to provide a shortcut to anyone on Active Users wanting to view the page.

The third value, highlighted in blue, is the link to the page the user is viewing. Remember, this data will be shown in the forum so any links will need to be relative to the forum, for example if your forum is located at '/forum/' and your page is '/folder/page.asp' enter it as such, or type '../folder/page.asp'.

The fourth value, which hasnt been highlighted is for the forum ID, but as we're outside of the forum we do not need to use this and you can ignore it.

Written By: S2H, 26th January 2007

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