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For Web Wiz Forum V9.xx only

For Web Wiz Forum V9.xx users you will need to change the cookie settings to work outside of the forum folder, to do this open the file "includes/setup_options_inc.asp" and change the following lines:

strCookiePath = Left(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_URL"), InstrRev(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_URL"), "/")) 
'strCookiePath = "/" 'Uncomment this line if your forum has issues with cookies
to look like the following:
'strCookiePath = Left(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_URL"), InstrRev(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_URL"), "/"))
strCookiePath = "/" 'Uncomment this line if your forum has issues with cookies

For Web Wiz Forum V9.xx and V8.xx

If you need to block access to pages outside of your forum on your site to members only, then this guide will tell you how.

First of all, you must make sure your pages are ASP pages, these pages end in .asp.

To send the visitor to the forum login page include the following code at the very top of the page.

<!--#include virtual="/forum/common.asp" -->
If lngLoggedInUserID = 2 then
   Call closeDatabase()
End If


You can send users to the 'Insufficient Permission' page then change the link to the following.


Once you've finished with the database, its always a good idea to close the connections to the database.

To do this, Web Wiz Forum comes with a function to close the connections it has opened. Place the following peice of code at the end of your page.

<% Call closeDatabase() %>
Written By: S2H, 8th November 2006

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