Classic ASP Reading Forms

The Form collection is used to retrieve the values of form elements from a form that uses the POST method.

Note: If you want to post large amounts of data (beyond 100 kb) the Request.Form cannot be used.


  • element (Required)
    The name of the form element from which the collection is to retrieve values
  • index (Optional)
    Specifies one of multiple values for a parameter. From 1 to Request.Form(parameter).Count.


You can request form values by using the following example:

<% Request.Form("name") %>

The above example would display the value entered into the HTML field called "name".

This next example would allow you to reteive multiple values from fields of the same name.

for i=1 to Request.Form("color").Count
    Response.Write(Request.Form("color")(i) & "<br />")

You can grab all the data sent via a form by doing the following:

<% = Request.Form() %>

As we have not set a form field to get data from, it will return all data submitted.


You can find out more about using Request.Form by reading our Form Tutorial:
Written By: S2H, 9th July 2006