List of Top Level Domain Names

A Domain Names TLD stands for 'Top Level Domain' and is the part that is designed to specify which category or country the web site falls under. Though most people tend to ignore the categories and grab the name because it is available due to the limited availability of domain names these days.

Generic Top Level Domains

gTLD Description Registry
.areo Air Transport Industry Unknown
.biz Designed to be used by Businesses Unknown
.com Designed for Commerical use VeriSign
.edu Education. Unknown
.gov U.S Government. Unknown
.info Information Unknown
.mil Used by the U.S. Military Unknown
.mobi Designed for Mobile Devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. Mobi JV
.name Personal sites of individuals Unknown
.net Network. VeriSign
.org Organisation. Unknown

Country Code Top Level Domains

ccTLD Description Registry
.au Australia Unknown
.ca Canada Unknown
.cn China Unknown
.de Germany Unknown
.es Spain Unknown
.dk Denmark Unknown
.fr France Unknown
.hk Hong Kong Unknown
.hu Hungary Unknown
.ie Ireland Unknown
.it Italy Unknown
.jp Japan Unknown
.nl Netherlanders Unknown
.nz New Zealand Unknown
.pl Poland Unknown
.ru Russia Unknown
.tw Taiwan Unknown
.uk United Kingdom Nominet
.us United States of America Unknown

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