Multiskin Selection

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Current Version
Works With
WWF: 10.15
First Released
8th July 2006
Last Updated
20th April 2013

This modification allows users to select from a variety of skins which one they would like to use on the forum. Each Member is able to use a different skin.

This Modification works for both registered members and guests. You can use to store the chosen skin in either a cookie or in the database.
(Note: the database option only works for registered members, and guests will continue to use cookies to store their selected skin.)

Displays an optimised view for visitors using mobile devices such as Android, iPhone or iPad.

New Feature Version 3.3.0

Mobile View - Options to display skin choices for people using mobile devices, set individally or disable completely.


An installation guide can be found on the following page.

Adding New Skins:

You can new skins by editing the 's2h_skinfile.asp' found in the folder 'includes'.

Read our tutorial on how to add new skins to the skin file.



Version History:

Changes to version 3.5.0 (20 Apr 2013)

  1. Upgraded for compatibility with Web Wiz Forum V10.15 (default.asp)
  2. Upgraded for compatibility with Web Wiz Forum V10.15 (common.asp)
  3. Upgraded for compatibility with Web Wiz Forum V10.15 (includes/forum_status_icons_inc.asp)
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